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T. Dylan Moore
Hence we derive our Nature; born to bear

Untitled (2006) by Jim Isermann, one work featured in our benefit sale to support CalArts’ new John Baldessari Studios

TOILETPAPER X KENZO Spring/Summer 2014

Qiu - Zob, 2013      Paintings
Caroline Caldwell

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Sarah Shaw (Brighton, East Sussex, UK) - Climb, 2013     Paintings: Oil on Canvas


Pump House, Victoria, Australia by Branch Studio Architects | via

Branch Studio Architects originally designed the Pump House to give the clients space for storing a water pump and other equipment needed to maintain their farmland property, but the compact shed also doubles as a quiet lakeside retreat.

"The original brief was for a temporary shed-like space to house the water pump and other farm equipment as well as to provide the owners with somewhere sheltered to have a cup of tea when they came to hang out with George, their horse, on the weekends," said architect Nicholas Russo.

"Although the project eventually developed into something slightly more extravagant, the modesty of the original ambition is still evident in the ‘no-frills’ detailing and rugged materiality of the finished building," Russo added.

Photography: Lakshal Perera

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Geoffroy Marie Florentine

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Joshua Scott
Daniel Zvereff - introspective